cycrotations (2012) for percussion quartet

Commission: Dominic Donato, for the Purchase Percussion Ensemble

Instrumentation: P1 |  vib, xyl, 4 unpitched metal tubes, Chinese cym, 2 splash cym, 2 toms (higher), 5 woodblocks (high), whip
P 2 | glock, hi-hat, 2 susp. cym, 2 bongos, BD, 5 woodblocks (low)
Percussion 3 | crot, xyl, timpano (with cro and cym), 3 nipple gongs, 2 cowbells, 2 congas, rain stick, [optional: frying pans]
Percussion 4 | vib, tubular bells, bell tree, mar, 2 tam-tams, 2 tri, 2 toms (lower), guiro [preferably wooden]

Duration: 11 minutes

Program Notes: cycrotations is a mash-up of cyclic rotations. The piece is cyclic in nature, and is set in three sections. Each sections strictly highlights a certain timbre – metals, skins or woods – and evoles within the timbre and eventually out of the timbre. As such, the piece can be played in different forms, starting on any of the three sections, and ending at the end of that particular rotation.

Premiere: November 2012 | Purchase Percussion Ensemble | Purchase NY

Performance: June 2013 | Greg Jukes, Matt Sharrock, Dino Georgton, Dave Tarantino (percussions) and Scott Deal (conductor) | Boston MA