cycrotations (2012) for percussion quartet



Commission: Dominic Donato, for the Purchase Percussion Ensemble

Instrumentation: P1 |  vib, xyl, 4 unpitched metal tubes, Chinese cym, 2 splash cym, 2 toms (higher), 5 woodblocks (high), whip
P 2 | glock, hi-hat, 2 susp. cym, 2 bongos, BD, 5 woodblocks (low)
Percussion 3 | crot, xyl, timpano (with cro and cym), 3 nipple gongs, 2 cowbells, 2 congas, rain stick, [optional: frying pans]
Percussion 4 | vib, tubular bells, bell tree, mar, 2 tam-tams, 2 tri, 2 toms (lower), guiro [preferably wooden]

Duration: 11 minutes

Program Notes: cycrotations is a mash-up of cyclic rotations. The piece is cyclic in nature, and is set in three sections. Each sections strictly highlights a certain timbre – metals, skins or woods – and evoles within the timbre and eventually out of the timbre.

Premiere: November 2012 | Purchase Percussion Ensemble | Purchase NY

Performance: June 2013 | Greg Jukes, Matt Sharrock, Dino Georgton, Dave Tarantino (percussions) and Scott Deal (conductor) | Boston MA