There Is A Painted Bus (2011) for childrens’ choir


Commission: Singapore Lyric Opera, for the Singapore Lyric Opera Childrens’ Choir

Instrumentation: Childrens’ Choir (SSA) and optional piano accompaniment

Duration: 3 minutes

Program Notes: In elementary/primary school, I was nominated by my English teacher to represent my class at the school’s poetry recitation competition, reciting the poem “The Bus”. At the competition, I had stage fright and completely forgot my lines. Needless to say, I did not win the competition, and this poem is now forever ingrained in me. When approached to write for childrens’ choir, I felt that it was finally time to make up for my failed performance at the poetry recitation competition, and set the text of “The Bus” to music!

There is a painted bus,
With twenty painted seats,
It carries painted people
Along the painted streets.
They pull the painted bell,
The painted driver stops,
And they all get out together
At the little painted shops.

Premiere: July 15 2011 | Singapore Lyric Opera Childrens’ Choir | Singapore