amuse-b口uche (2020)

Commission: K口U

Collaboration: Melissa Lim (visual art)

Instrumentation: bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, trombone, euphonium

Duration: 10 minutes

Program Information: 
amuse-b口uche was commissioned by K口U for Aural Bytes: A Musical Omakase. The work consists of three bite-sized pieces that can be performed individually, or as a set. Each piece also has an accompanying rough recipe.  

Chicken Satay Wrap: chicken satay with pickled red onions, cucumber and pineapple slaw, and a creamy peanut sauce, in a whole wheat wrap

Bakkwa Sausage Rice Burger: bakkwa-flavoured breakfast sausage, with alfalfa sprouts, thinly sliced jicama, cilantro lime crema, between rice burger patties

Curry Latke Stack: sunny-side up egg, green apple slices, red curry aioli, potato and onion latke (fried potato pancake)

While listening, imagine yourself doing any one of the below:
1) constructing each bite — decide on the order of how you might layer or arrange each ingredient in the bite for maximum flavour explosion
2) deconstructing each bite —  imagine the processes involved in making each ingredient, and fixate on the details of each flavour profile
3) savoring each bite — focus your attention especially on the different crunchy elements in each bite

Premiere: December 22 2020 |  K口U | Singapore


Chicken Satay Wrap: 1’16”
Bakkwa Sausage Burger: 4’52”
Curried Latke Stack: 7’23”
Post-premiere chat with KOU: 11’40”