This year, I was very fortunate to have my piece [circum]-perceptio chosen to be presented at the Asian Composers League (ACL) Conference and Festival. Although I am not new to ACL festivals (I’ve had pieces presented in 2009, 2011, 2012 previously), this year’s festival was special because it was held in my home country of Singapore.

As usual at all ACL festivals, there were a ton of concerts. This year, we had concerts for the following instrumental combinations – Chinese orchestra, Chinese chamber music, Western chamber ensemble, string quartet, art songs, electro-acoustic music and percussion ensemble.

Camera 360

Dingyi Music Company performed a concert of Chinese chamber music

Camera 360

Western chamber ensemble under the direction of Dr Robert Casteels gave the Asian premiere of [circum]-perceptio

Other than concerts, we had sharing sessions and presentations by the young composers, country reports and the ACL general assembly. This year was a first for me too – I gave the country report for Singapore! (Thanks for trusting me with this, Dr Ho!)

Camera 360

Young composers sharing session.

In addition to all the serious stuff, there was a lot of post-concert parties, suppers and food outings too! If you ask me, ACL is a wonderful festival because of the people who come from all over the world to attend the festival.


Post Singapore Chinese Orchestra concert. L-R: Me, Ruth Rodrigues, Wang Chenwei, Ho Chee Kong, Michael Asmara, Keiko Harada and Chong Huey Ching


Supper at Satay Club after the SCO concert!


Supper after the Dingyi Music Company concert!

And as usual, five days of music is not enough, but the festival has to come to an end. I was pleasantly surprised with winning the Irino Prize at the final concert too. I’m so honored and lucky!


With the young composer representatives of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea!

With Mrs Irino (of the Irino Prize) at the closing party.

With my teacher, mentor and organizer of the festival, Dr Ho Chee Kong.

Thank you ACL and Team Singapore. I am so proud that the ACL festival in Singapore was a huge success!