This is the first time going to an Asian Composers League (ACL) festival where my piece is getting performed. I was very very excited to go because this year it was held in South Korea – land of awesome shopping, delicious Korean BBQ. The ACL festival in Korea was also in collaboration with the Asian-Pacific Contemporary Music Festival and the Tongyeong International Music Festival. Because of these, there was a performers academy as well, and the festival started in Tongyeong, and then moved to Seoul for the final few days.


Welcome party in Seoul at a beautiful old-style residence.


Performance of my piece in Tongyeong.


Young composer representatives of Israel, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan having our own breakfast party.


There was lots and lots of Korean BBQ. My tummy was incredibly happy!


This was a fancy dish of beef tongue. We had no idea what it was when we ordered it and got a shock of our lives when the bill came. Ha!


Korean midnight snack wtih Peiying, Bruce, Scott, Jiyun and William.


Young composer representatives of the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.


With friends from the performers academy!


Going on a boat ride with friends from the performers academy!