I have got to be the luckiest composer ever. Not only I got to go to Wellesley once, I made it back for a second time this year as the commissioned composer. Wow! What a fancy title, though I’m really just overjoyed to be back at Wellesley again. You know there are festivals you go to and want to leave after a few days, and there are others that you just never want it to end? Wellesley is one of those where I never wanted it to end. It’s like a big fun family, and it is awesome.

For one, lunch conversations end up becoming jam sessions. [And the food it incredible! I haven’t for once thought that we were in a college cafeteria!]


Emmanuel Feldman, Stephen Yip and I discussing subtones in the cello.

And people are actually interested in listening to your life story, how you became a composer, and most importantly, they’re interested in your music. Best audience ever!


Composition fellows share their stories and works on Tuesday evenings.

And I got to conduct my own piece for the very first time. It was a requirement of the commission, and for once, I had to write a piece that I could conduct!


In rehearsal. Composer, bassist and human metronome?

And when we’re not enjoying ourselves in seminars, rehearsals or over food, we learn about new things (or at least it was new to me.)


Carla Staffaroni shares the beauty of carillon playing with us. Fun!

On one of the days, I also presented my music to the kids at Explo (a summer camp for kids held at Wellesley.) Kids are the best audiences ever. They hear very interesting things out of the music, and aren’t afraid to share it with you. Also, they’re the most open-minded audience I’ve ever met.


Explo summer campers doing their thing.

And before long, two weeks have come and gone and it was time to say goodbye to all the good fellows, staff and musicians at Wellesley.


2012 fellows with Mindy Wagner!


And here I am, conducting my piece for the second week’s concert. Thanks to all the musicians!