bridging : isolation (2013)

Commission: Dan Gelok, saxophone

Duration: 6.5 minutes

Premiere: July 2013 | Dan Gelok (saxophone), Chan Yoong Han (violin) and Shane Thio (piano) | Singapore

Performance: March 2014 | Talea Ensemble | Waltham MA (alternate instrumentation)
April 2014 | Ensemble Dal Niente | Normal IL 
May 2014 | New York New Music Ensemble | Brooklyn NY (alternate instrumentation)
November 29 2018 | SETTS Ensemble | Singapore (alternate instrumentation)

Instrumentation: alto saxophone, violin and piano 

Alternate Instrumentation: clarinet, violin and piano

Program Information:
This title comes from an almost random set of associations, but sums up what the trio is about – making connections in solitary. I wanted to write a trio that uses all three instruments together to highlight some of the most idiomatic gestures for each particular instrument. In a way, the instruments bridge the space between each other like in chamber music. In other ways, each texture is isolated like in solos.
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