byte (2011)

Dedication: Written specially for the 2011 National Piano and Violin Competition

Awards/Honors: Winner (Violin Senior Category), Composition Competition for National Piano and Violin Competition 2011

Duration: 5 minutes

Premiere: December 2011 | Semi-Finalists for the Violin Senior Category at NPVC | Singapore

Performance: January 5 2017 | Lijia Phang | Ann Arbor, MI

Instrumentation: violin

Program Information: 
 is inspired by today’s social currents in youth, such as the proliferation of byte-sized information, embodied by social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, that are commonplace in social media made of many short snippets of ideas that interweave with one another, forming a whole. Like the internet, there is more than one way of presenting material.has sections where the performer chooses to play one snippet of music over another, hence the piece can be personalized to suite oneself, yet ultimately portraying the same underlying notion.

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