chronoma (2018)

Dedication: Trio Accanto

Duration: 9 minutes

Premiere: June 16 2018 | Trio Accanto | Grypario Center for the Arts, Mykonos, Greece

Performance: October 13 2019 | Exordium Collective | Y-Studio / Hong Kong

Instrumentation: soprano and alto saxophones (1 player), percussion [hi-hat, water gong, 3 large gongs, large metal can, triangle, 6 unpitched metal tubes, 2 tomtoms, 32″ timpani], piano

Program Information:
chronoma, from the Greek roots chroma (color) and chronos (time), portrays the exploration of timbral, textural and spatial sonic qualities through minute temporal and registral expansions and diminutions of melodic phrases. Because the variations are so trivial, new colors, timbres and textures emerge from the false sense of monotony.

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