[circum]-perceptio (2010)

Awards/Honors: 2nd prize, Virginia Carty DeLillo Composition Competition (2010)
Peabody Career Development Grant (2010)

Duration: 10 minutes

Premiere: April 2010 | Peabody Musicians | Baltimore MD

Performances: June 2010 | Signal Ensemble | Buffalo NY
November 2012 | Israel Contemporary Players | Tel Aviv, Israel
August 2014 | Boston New Music Initiative | Portsmouth NH

Instrumentation: flute (doubling piccolo), oboe, clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, 2 percussions, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass

Program Information:
 was conceived based on the idea of a complete, cross-, inter- and multi-dimensional perspective of a single object cell suspended in an undisturbed space-time continuum. Beneath the complexity of the philosophical, physical and psychological arguments that arise from the above statement, the aim of [circum]-perceptio is simply for the audience to form their own perception of the original single object cell – a personal path to self-discovery.

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