Congratulations to all winners at the Singapore International Violin Competition! I was very disappointed not being able to be there for all the wonderful performances by these amazing young violinists, and even more disappointed that I missed the 12 (yes, TWELVE!) live performances of my piece kilo<byte>! Fortunately, technology has saved the day again, and I watched all the recitals and concerts on YouTube! My heartiest congratulations to Sirena Huang, who won Best Performer of my work! Here’s the link to Sirena’s semi-final performance! (The program order is Beethoven, Koh, Faure and Ysaye – my piece starts at 35’52”.)

First Prize: Tseng Yu-Chien
Second Prize: Richard Lin
Third Prize: Sirena Huang
Fourth Prize: Alexandra Conunova
Fifth Prize: Lim Hyun Jae
Sixth Prize: Fedor Rudin

Goh Soon Tioe Violin & Piano Recital: Richard Lin
Best Performer of Commissioned Work: Sirena Huang
Best Performer of Bach: Lim Hyun Jae
Best Performer of Paganini: Sirena Huang
Master Bow by Pierre Guillaume Best Singaporean Performer: Loh Jun Hong