cryptonym: (2018)

Commission: New Thread Quartet

Duration: 12 minutes

Premiere: September 8 2018 | New Thread Quartet | New York, NY

Performance: November 21 2018 | New Thread Quartet | Jersey City, NJ
December 1 2018 | New Thread Quartet | Jersey City, NJ

Instrumentation: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

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cryptonym noun /ˈkriptəˌnim/
definition: a secret name

The work cryptonym: is inspired by Singlish and other languages and dialects spoken in Singapore. Code-mixing and the merging of languages and dialects is a uniquely Singlish trait. The three saxophone quartets — homonym (2013), heteronym/ (2016) and cryptonym: (2018) may be performed one after another.

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