Surfaces and Essences

PRISM Quartet
Timothy McAllister, soprano saxophone
Zachary Shemon, alto saxophone
Matthew Levy, tenor saxophone
Taimur Sullivan, baritone saxophone

1. Prized Possessions (2014) I. Mother’s Monster by Viet Cuong (b. 1990)
2. Prized Possessions (2014) II. Beggar’s Lace by Viet Cuong (b. 1990)
3. Surfaces and Essences (2017) by Christopher Biggs (b. 1979)
4. Motion Lines (2016) by Joseph Sowa (b. 1984)
5. heteronym/ (2016) by Emily Koh (b. 1986)
6. Tell: Quartet (2016) by Victoria Cheah (b. 1988) 

Record Label / Catalogue Number:
XAS Records / XAS 108

Release Date:
April 17 2020


Strings & Hammers
Julia Keller, double bass
Eunmi Ko, piano
Sini Virtanen, violin

The McCormick Percussion Group
Robert McCormick, director
Rod Alnord, Kelsey Bannon, Jacob Barber, Katlyn Barber, William Brown, Nick Bruno, A.J. Cerrito, Grace Chang, Hayden Dumars, Tyler Evans, Michael Giunta, Adam Gould, David Grullon, Hannah Harper, Wyatt Hatch, Kaycie Howell, Trevor Hund, Alex Lang, Derek Letsche, Lionel Martinez, Maria Petropoulos, Anand Rehsi, Nicolas Remy, Jazmine Rodriguez, Manny Rosedilla, Kyle Spence, Michael Standard, Vincent Tardy, Joe Tremper, Kyle Uber, Ryan Walton, Hannah Warner, Chace Williams

1. Piano Concerto: Solution  I Tension by Anthony R. Green
2. Piano Concerto: Solution  II Solution by Anthony R. Green
3. Pulsar by Eduardo Costa Roldan
4. memento mori by Emily Koh
5. Ice Concerto by Jarkko Hartikainen
6. Apollon I. Delphoi by Alessandro Annunziata
7. Apollon II. Logos by Alessandro Annunziata
8. Apollon III. Ekstasis by Alessandro Annunziata

Record Label / Catalogue Number:
Ravello Records / RR8037

Release Date:
July 10 2020

Right Now, In A Second

Transient Canvas
Amy Advocat, bass clarinet
Matt Sharrock, marimba

1. Fool Me Once (2016) by Barbara White
2. Rebounds (2016) by Jonathan Bailey Holland
3. \very/ specifically vague (2017) by Emily Koh
4. Cold, column calving (2016) by Clifton Ingram
5. resonance imaging (2015) by Crystal Pascucci
6. Right now, in a second (2015) by Stefanie Lubkowski 
7. Monochrome (2014) by Keith Kirchoff 

Record Label:
New Focus Recording

Release Date:
October 16 2020

Album Art by Vicki Leona. Engineered by Joel Gordon. 

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