f-sion (2011)

Instrumentation: clarinet, saxophone, percussion, violin and bass (acoustic and electric)

Duration: 11 minutes

Program Information:
 is inspired by the fission-fusion societal structure commonly found in primatology. In a fission-fusion society, the main group of animals can fracture (fission) into smaller stable subgroups or individuals to adapt to changing environmental or societal circumstances, but may also rejoin (fusion) the primary group at appropriate times.

The fission-fusion societal structure is protrayed in f-sion where main textures break off into its component sub-textures, and these sub-textures expand and develop further into a different texture. In the end, the expanded and developed sub-textures combine to form a mega-texture that reinterprets the original main texture.

Premiere: May 2012 | New Music Brandeis | Waltham MA