mega[byte] (2020)

Instrumentation: viola

Duration: 6.5 minutes

Program Information: 
like kilo<byte> and <byte> (both for solo violin) is inspired by today’s social circumstances. In the time of Covid-19, time passes strangely. Time becomes a jumbled mess of memories, motion, action and inaction. The hours, days and weeks meld into a gooey mess, something like a sourdough starter. There are moments inward retrospections, flourishes of outward fist-shaking at our oppressive overlords, and these are seamlessly and awkwardly juxtaposed, and one’s control though steadfastly present, requires more concentration to achieve. The music-making is forced, not free, but the introspection remains.

July 30 2020 | Amelia Hollander-Ames | Arlington MA

November 18 2020 | Christoven Tan | Singapore
April 24 2021 | William Lane, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble | Hong Kong
May 7 2021 | Christoven Tan | Virtual


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