resonate/勤 (2017)

Commission:  Ding Yi Music Company

Instrumentation 1:   笛子,  高音苼 gaoyin sheng, 加键唢呐 keyed suona, 扬琴 yangqin, 柳琴 liuqin, 琵琶 pipa, 中阮 zhongruan, 古筝 guzheng, 2 打击乐,  高胡 gaohu, 2 二胡 erhu, 大提琴 cello, 倍大提琴 double bass

Instrumentation 2:  高音笙 gaoyin sheng, 琵琶 pipa, 中阮 zhongruan, 大阮 daruan, 古筝 guzheng, 打击乐 percussion, 高胡 gaohu, 二/中胡 erhu/zhonghu,  woodwind quintet (flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, bassoon)

Instrumentation 3: 高音笙 gaoyin sheng, 琵琶 pipa, 古筝 guzheng, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, two violin, viola, cello

Duration:  6 minutes

Program Information:
resonate/勤 has a bilingual name due in part to the confluence of Eastern and Western musical intricacies and intuition, most obviously rooted in its mixed instrumentation. The work is focused on exploring and expanding the physical and musical realms of which resonance of the instruments can be developed.

In the ten years between the two pieces I have written for Ding Yi Music Company, I have worked hard to dig deep into my Singaporean, Teochew, and Peranakan heritages through the lens of my Western musical training. I hope that this second work shows a deeper confluence of these sensibilities.

September 3 2017 | Ding Yi Music Company and Fantasia Quartet | Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore

October 20 2018| Chai Found Music Workshop | Soong Yi Hall, Soochow University / Taipei, Taiwan (instrumentation 3)
October 15 2020 | Ding Yi Music Company | Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore
March 12 2021 | Ding Yi Music Company | 乐通天下
September 2021 | Ding Yi Music Company | Sound of Dragon Music Festival, Canada