Schrodinger’s Box (2018)

Collaboration: Lisa Yaconelli (dancer/choreographer) + Emily Koh (composer/double bassist)

Instrumentation: solo dancer, solo double bass, box

Duration: 6 minutes

Program Notes:
Schrodinger’s Box is a play on the thought experiment and paradox most popularly known as “Schrödinger’s Cat”, by Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrödinger. In our performance,  there are two boxes in play — the box, and the bass, and two performers — Lisa, and Emily. Can we all be quantum superimposed into one? Or two?

Premiere: February 9 2018| Yaconelli x Koh | Athens, GA

February 10 2018 | Yaconelli x Koh | Athens, GA
March 3 2018 | Yaconelli x Koh | Athens, GA