[sub]contractures (2018)

Commission: Keyed Kontraptions

Instrumentation: contrabass flute, contraforte

Duration: 14 minutes

Program Information:
Bookended with contrasting solos by the contrabass flute in the beginning and the contraforte at the end, [sub]contractures undulates through a series of contractures [a condition of shortening and hardening of muscles, tendons, or other tissue, often leading to deformity and rigidity of joints] in an multi-strand, intertwined quasi-moment form.

October 13 2018 | Keyed Kontraptions | San Francisco, CA

February 01 2019 | Keyed Kontraptions | Cal Poly Pomona Music Recital Hall / Pomona CA
February 04 2019 | Keyed Kontraptions |  Megaphone / Phoenix AZ