synpunkt (2013)

Commission: Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble

Instrumentation: flute, clarinet and percussion

Duration: 9 minutes

Program Information:
 is Swedish for a comment or opinion, but when broken down into its constituent parts syn (the ability to see) and punkt (points), can also be interpreted as the ability to find see meaning past several unrelated points. The process of finding meanings for points is the main objective of the piece, and throughout the piece, the listener is fed relationships between points to figure out for his or herself.

January 31 2014 | Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble | Pickman Hall, Cambridge MA

June 5 2017 | Noise Bias | Slate Arts and Performance, Chicago IL
November 17 2017 | Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble | Third Life Studio, Cambridge MA
February 18 2018 | N/A Ensemble | Trinity Episcopal Church, Toledo OH