/tele/path (2021)

Dedication: Ogni Suono, in celebration of their 10th Anniversary

Duration: 10 minutes

Instrumentation: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Program Information: 
/tele/path, is dedicated to the saxophone duo Ogni Suono (Noa Even and Phil Pierick) on the occasion of their 10th anniversary. The word ‘telepath’, made from the Greek roots ‘tele’, meaning distance, and ‘pathos’ meaning feeling, perception, passion, affliction, or experience, describes the duo’s pandemic situation, and the circumstance of this

collaboration–working together over a distance.

The general form of the work echoes the trajectory of Ogni Suono’s becoming–in the beginning, both saxophones are in close proximity on stage and play strictly in time together, but as the piece progresses, the saxophonists move further apart on stage, each playing more freely and soloistically, but still with the ebb and understanding of an established duo.

Premiere:  September 28 2021 | Ogni Suono | Whitewater, WI
September 29 2021 | Ogni Suono | Oshkosh, WI
October 1 2021 | Ogni Suono | Chicago, IL
October 20 2021 | Ogni Suono | Glassboro, NJ
October 21 2021 | Ogni Suono | State College, PA
October 23 2021 | Ogni Suono | Cleveland, OH
February 10 2022 | Ogni Suono | Milwaukee, WI