trans-[migra].nation (2011)

Awards/Honors: Honorable Mention, Ossia New Music Composition Competition (2013)
ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award 2012
First Prize, Prix D’ete (2011)
Finalist, Boston New Music Initiative Commission (2012)
Winner, ABLAZE Records Millenial Masters Vol. 3 (2011) [declined prize]

Duration: 11 minutes

Premiere: February 2011 | Peabody Musicians | Baltimore MD

Performance: April 2011 | Peabody Musicians |Baltimore MD
November 2011 | Musicians from the National Taipei Symphony Orchestra | Taichung, Taiwan
January 06 2019 | Zafa Collective | Chicago IL

Instrumentation: flute (doubling piccolo), clarinet, french horn, bass trombone, percussion, piano, violin and double bass (with C extension)

Program Information: trans-[migra].nation was written in memory of Dr Steven Baxtor, who made significant contributions to both institutions – Peabody Conservatory and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory – with which I associate. I have met Dr Baxter in person on several occasions in both Baltimore and Singapore, and am very grateful to him for the opportunities I have received in my education that is the direct result of Dr Baxtor’s work. The title, trans-[migra].nation, made up three words – trans, which is the Latin prefix of across, or beyond; migra, short for migration, the systematic movement of a group of objects or people; and nation, a group of people who share culture, ethnicity and language – briefly summarizes Dr Baxtor’s contributions.
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