Important Information

Poco Piu Publishing is registered with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). All works are sold as digital scores (PDFs) only.  All prices are in USD. 100% of proceeds go to the composer directly and immediately! 

If you are performing/have performed a work, please let me know, and send me a digital program book! I receive royalties from performances through ASCAP, and every little bit helps! Your independent composer thanks you for this!

If you want to record a work, or if there is a problem with buying scores off this website, or if there is a score/part you want but it is not (yet) on the website, please contact me via the ‘contact form’ or send an email to composer [at] emilykoh [dot] net. Thank you!

To Buy

Purchases on my website can be done by clicking the purchase button on each work’s page on this website. You will be brought to a PayPal page for payment. After payment, you will (almost immediately) receive an email with a link to the PDF score.

You may print and use the score you bought for your own purposes only. Any further distribution, sharing, selling, or tampering with the copyrighted digital score is illegal under US copyright law. 

String Solos

mega[byte] (2020)
viola; 6.5 minutes

kilo<byte> (2014)
violin; 6 minutes

<byte> (2011, ed. 2019)
violin; 6 minutes

Wind and Brass Solos

medi+aTion (2016)
baritone sax; 8 minutes

within the inside down (2018)
bass trombone; 8.5 minutes

Piano Solos

reitario’ (2017/2019)
solo piano; 4.5 minutes

Si fallor, sum (2008)
piano; 8 minutes

Saxophone Quartets

homonym (2013)
saxophone quartet; 6 minutes

heteronym/ (2016)
saxophone quartet; 6 minutes

cryptonym: (2018)
saxophone quartet; 11 minutes

Other Chamber Music

chronoma (2018)
soprano and alto saxophones, percussion, piano; 9 minutes

zetsu (2018)
bassoon, double bass, piano; 9 minutes

smidgen(S) (2015)
cello, piano; 8 minutes

aphonia (2019)
violin and viola; 10 minutes

Large Ensemble

diver[city] (2015)
wind ensemble (gr6); 9 minutes

After Igor (2010)
orchestra; 9 minutes

… and the blood-drops, scarlet-covered… (2012)
string orchestra; 6 minutes

Important Information

Some of my works are also published by and sold as digital scores (PDFs) by Babel Scores. They priced in Euros (€). 40% of proceeds go to Babelscores for overhead, and 60% to the composer, which are disbursed annually.